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LibertyLink Soybean Seed Company Listing

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  • NextGene Seed, LLC
  • Niccum Seeds
  • Nortec Seeds, Inc.
  • Nu-Ag, Ltd.
  • NuPride Genetics Network
  • NuTech Seed, LLC
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  • B&M Seed, LLC
  • Baker Seed, LLC
  • Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.
  • Bio Gene Company
  • Bo Jac Seed Company, Inc.
  • Burtch Seed Co, Inc.
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  • O'Brien Farms, Inc.
  • Ohlde Seed Farms, Inc.

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  • Caverndale Farms, Inc.
  • Champaign County Seed Company, LLC
  • Champion Seeds of Iowa, LLC
  • Clark Seeds
  • Crop Production Services, Inc.
    Vigoro Seeds

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  • Dahlco Seeds, Inc.
  • Dahlman Seed Co., LLP
  • Davis Seed Company, Inc.
  • Delta Grow Seed
  • Denzler Seeds, Inc. dba First Choice Seeds, Inc.
  • DF Seeds, Inc.
Q (None)
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  • Ebberts Field Seeds, Inc.
  • Epley Hybrids, Inc.
  • Erwin-Keith, Inc. dba Progency AG
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  • Farmers Cooperative Co.
  • French's Hybrids, Inc.

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  • Sabre Initiatives, LLC
  • Sand Seed Service, Inc.
  • Sansgaard Seed Farms, Inc.
  • Schlessman Seed Company
  • Seed Consultants, Inc.
  • Seed Enterprises, Inc.
  • Shepherd Seeds
  • Shiningers Quality Crop
  • Silver Lane Hybrids, Inc.
  • Southern States Cooperative, Inc.
  • Southland Seed Company, Inc.
  • Steyer Seeds, LLC
  • Stine Seed Company
  • Sunstar Hybrids, Inc.
  • Sylvester Ranch, Inc.
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  • Gateway Seed Company, Inc.
  • Glick Seed Service
  • Green Valley Seed, LLC
  • Great Lakes Hybrids
  • Gries Seed Farm, Inc.
  • Growmark, Inc.
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  • T.A. Seeds,LLC
  • Taylor Seed Farms
  • Terning Seeds, Inc.
  • Terral Seed, Inc.
  • Thunder Seed
  • Titan Pro SCI, Inc.
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I (None)V (None)
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  • Walter Seed
  • Warren Seed and Agronomy Service, LLC
  • Weber Seeds, Inc.
  • Wilken Seed Grains, Inc.
  • Winfield Solutions, LLC
    Croplan Genetics
  • Wyckoff Hybrids, Inc.
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  • Kauffman Seeds, Inc.
  • Kitchen Seed Company, Inc.
X (None)
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  • Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids, Inc.
  • Legacy Seed South, LLC
  • Legacy Seeds, Inc.
  • Legend Seeds
  • Legume Matrix, LLC
Y (None)
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  • Ziller Seed Co., Inc.

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